Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood Burning Stove is Eco-Friendly

As someone who prides herself to doing her share for an environment, I am more than glad to invalidate the misconception that a wood burning stove is not environment friendly. It is in fact, eco-friendly. Wood burning is environment friendly, basically because wood in itself is a carbon neutral fuel. It means that whatever carbon it releases as it is burnt, it also absorbs.  

This is one very important aspect of wood burning to me, being an advocate of environmental preservation. I have practiced it from the time my son was newborn, by using leakproof cloth diapers instead of disposables and making my own wipes too, among other different things. It is just best to be able to give back to the environment what we could do from our end. Getting ourselves a wood burning stove is one of them. Written in association with Wood stove suppliers.