Sunday, February 28, 2010


My husband and I encounter host of different personal and relationship issues in the ministry. This is but natural. The dynamics of man and how his character is formed right from he was a child can be a very fragile and complex matter.

It is always our heart to be able to minister to the people who come to us for help. But in any event that the issue is more than our scope, we refer them to individuals or institutions like what Michigan Drug Rehab offers, if the case is about drug dependency. If it will be a relational case in marriage that is extra complicated, we refer them to a more seasoned professional to help them better.

These are the two cases that we found to be the most complex – drug addiction and marital issues. Now we are updating our records and we hope to find a facility just like this Drug Rehab in Michigan. This MI Drug Rehab has the facilities that a drug dependent will need to get back to his normal self again. Another important factor is to restore the whole person and this also includes the counseling of the whole family, who also, to a good extent has suffered the effects of drug addiction. Healing should be the ultimate goal.