Friday, September 12, 2008

Seafood Cook Off

It is almost like a given when the hubby defines a special dinner then it has to do something with seafood. By that, it also means that shrimp must be present. It is almost my frustration that this is the one thing that I hardly prepare for the hubby in our almost seven years of being married. I only tried one special shrimp dish and that is “Gambas,” and I hope to learn more shrimp and crab dishes. We all know how pricey all those dishes are when served in our favorite restaurants. I might as well do it myself.
This is why when I browsed through the Great American Seafood cook off, I really had to spot one recipe that could be the first for me to try out. The recipe Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet by Brian Landry of Louisiana. I also saw one crab recipe that the same chef has presented and I also hope to try them out. The recipe ingredients look kind of easy to get a hold of. I know there is no more better time for me to try these recipes out but very soon. It’s I and the hubby’s birth month and I hope to be successful as I try them out.

It is always best to prepare your very own domestic seafood. You are assured of freshness and it suits your taste. You have to check out and I am sure you will love the recipes by those incredible chefs who joined in. And while you’re at it make sure you vote for your favorite recipe to win a trip to New Orleans!
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One Month and Four Days

Here are snapshots of the car before it underwent major body repair and during the repair when the hubby went to visit the project. Today the hubby leaves to retrieve it from Malabon. It took the hubby's long lost uncle exactly one month and four days to finish the project. I know it's more of a vintage car project and we don't really mind, this is the best that we can do for now. Maybe in time the Lord might entrust us with a brand new one. :D
Our car before the California Project

Shot from the rear left

At Tito Adolfo's house when repairs began

Body repairs almost done

With the primer

On the way to its first coating (this is not yet the final body color)