Thursday, July 24, 2008

What if Cartoons Got Saved

Sharing a fun old video of Chris Rice's Cartoon Song. I just had to post this one when I see it in youtube. It brought me to the days when the hubby would play the drums to the song back when he was still the youth pastor of our mother church. :-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Victory Hair

Pick up lines never became a hit to me. I always thought they were downright trashy, maybe because those I heard them from were not subtle enough and probably did not fit their personalities. Lol! I guess some guys resort to using these nasty pick up lines because they are just not confident enough to show their true selves. More like a fa├žade of some sort. But truth to tell, I have heard some pick up lines that are really sweet. The hubby still uses some lines on me from time to time. ;-) If you’ve heard about the new Ultimate Flirting Championship game by Extreme Style by VO5, you know just what I am talking about. Go grab the widget below, paste in on your blog and have some fun entertainment. I just found this stuff interesting even as it brings me back to the dating games of my single days.

This game is obviously sponsored by VO5, the leading expert in hair care. I have always patronized VO5. The first step for that Victory Hair is the right hair formula. I love being able to walk around with the confidence of having my hair flow the way I want it. It’s really either that or I have a bad hair day and when I have a bad hair day, things just seem to fall apart. This first and ultimate step will lead the hubby giving me that second look all over again.

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First, I am more than glad that I am over with the two loads (thank goodness it's just two!) of laundry for the week. It's probably because of the cool weather lately that the hubby and our son didn't change clothes as much. They both change clothes twice a day during more humid days. The sun shone today and I found it best to do the laundry. Before I finished the laundry I have finished an $8.50 job, which was not so much, but is still something. I did it in less than 10 minutes. I just thought it really is a blessing to be able to stay home and get my juggling skills honed. :-)

I originally planned to get the beddings and curtains washed as well. But I figured I have got to prioritize the things that I have yet to do. Clean up my closet and pack away things to be given away. Okay so that's still in the list of my backlogs! This can really get me pressured. And now another assignment is due. This one is worth almost $11. Lots of things in my shoulder now, but I am okay and good. These are a few of the reasons why I begged off from going with the hubby as he officiated a wedding this morning. I was just too tired and still have lots of backlogs to work on. See you around later! ;-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beating Deadlines

These last couple of weeks have been really tiring and hectic for me. I find myself cramming to beat deadlines. This is something new for me. If the hubby rises when in pressure, my tendency is to get rattled but still focused. Because so far, I have just a two more assignments left to do. With the load that I currently have, I sometimes feel that I’m working on a Doctoral thesis of some sort. Two days ago, I had eleven. Can you imagine! I really felt everything piling up on me by the day. At one point, I had to ask the hubby help in writing an essay. But he then declined and I understand because there are things he is occupied with.

Aside from my assignments, I also have been really busy turning the house around. Sorting closets full of clothes, which I honestly believe I have to give out half of it. Most of them I have not used in so long a time. It can be hard though. Because I don’t really go shopping for clothes and my weight seriously jumps from 95lbs to 105lbs in a snap of a finger. That’s normal for me. It has always been that way. So my point is, my stock of clothes are for the thin me and the heavier me. Like last Sunday for instance, I had to change four times, because I end up looking like a sausage with my ultra fit clothes. Because I gave away most of my bigger clothes, I am now having a hard time getting the right clothes for my current size.

Oh well, I will have to figure something out soon. For now excuse me as I go back to doing some coursework essay that is soon due.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get Paid to Try

One of the prevailing interests that keeps me up in most days as a work from home mom is look into more options to learn online. Aside from writing for advertisers, I recently just found out that I could also venture into the likes of This platform pays opinions and surveys. If there’s anything, their quick sign up bonus is something, unlike most I have seen that only offers $5 for a sign up bonus, they actually give out $20 straight to your account, with no obligations that you should purchase. You do not get asked for your credit card information and what’s sweet is payment is done via PayPal.

Internet is now accessible to just about anyone in this generation and for sometime now it has been the advertisers channel to get their products and services get that needed buzz. Last year alone advertisers shelled out $259 million for online advertising. I’m sure bloggers would not mind to get that piece of that pie. I have only been around doing this for more than half a year and I am making decent money from it. This came as a totally unexpected blessing, which we are really grateful for. So, if you’d love to try it out… Click here to begin your journey towards making money online.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Yard Sale in the House

We have launched our garage sale last week, but we decided to get it relaunched last Saturday. We will open our garage again this coming Saturday and will add on some more stuff that I dug out from our house, that have been in hiding for the longest time. Several ceramic decoratives that are just gathering dust, no matter how pretty they are to look at they just have to go. I want more space and I don't want to stick on clutters anymore.

One of the major stuff I am had the hubby carry outside is the black entertainment rack. It used to house amplifiers, VCR player and recorder and an old DVD player that fails to play anymore. Agh! I don't know why we kept it for so long. It should have been junked a long time ago! Now our CRT TV sits pretty on what used to be our little guy's baby closet. Nope, I don't think it's an eye sore. We had to take the baby closet out of his room to make way for his brand new study table that his father is painstakingly working on. :-)

I am getting busy today to do some more house clean up. I will just finish some online jobs then I'm off to getting rid of half of the clothes that are just in the closet.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Great Eyewear

With the recent eye strain I have been experiencing, one good news I could use is that of those incredible stylish new frames from Zenni, primarily because they are ultra affordable. Imagine, Zenni Optical $8 Rx Eyeglasses, now that's a real steal. No wonder Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Look Alikes

I have received this a number of times from random people in my mailbox. I recently just viewed this and it gave me quite a laugh. I especially like the Joe de Venecia look alike! It's hilarious! Check out the doggy and the baby with lotsa folds... and Gollum, too! :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quality At A Low Cost

Are you looking for non-expensive but high quality eyeglasses? The variable dimension frames from is probably what you are looking for. They are completely UV protected, with thin and light 1.57 index lenses and includes a quality hard eyeglass casing. Visit their web site and choose from a wide variety of designs.

WW: Stone Fish

This is one of those interesting fish specie we have seen in those great aquarium in Ocean Adventure we went to October of last year. I wouldn't have had thought this was anything more than a stone. The label on its glass said it was a stone fish and we really had to have a closer look to see for ourselves. It's really a fish! Now, I wonder, does this fish ever move.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 17 Show

Say what? Are you asking who Glenn Beck is? Well this man is an entertainer that enlightens people with his funny approach to current issues. In his website there are many featured videos about different topics ranging from presidential elections to energy independence. Although I may not agree with all of his views, I like the way he approaches issues because it educates or makes people aware of things we sometimes lose interest in when discussed. His Dallas show on July 17 will be broadcasted nationally to select movie theaters. Visit his site and secure your tickets now and look forward to an enjoyable show.

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