Wednesday, January 28, 2009

24's Season 7

The hubby and I have been doing marathons of the first few episodes of 24, Season 7. After a year of delay, 24 is finally back. First I thought Tony Almeida has gone totally crazy and got into the enemy's boat, but things are more than what they seem. As predictable as things are in the plot, every episode is still heart stopping as ever. :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Home Troubles and Loan Modification

Oh the troubles of keeping house! Now the issue is in the bath. For some reason that we cannot figure out just yet. The hubby cannot yet get down to it. Water just keeps on collecting around the bath tub, which keeps us mopping in a regular basis. My ever reliable handyman/hubby thinks it is the recently installed bath faucet. His theory is because he did not use the right tool size, the faucet was not properly sealed, that is now what’s causing the water leakage. I know he will soon take care of the problem when he gets the chance. He is really busy right now.

As troublesome as issues around the home can get, it is still a real blessing to be able to have our own home. If it were not for the loan modification that was granted to us when the loan was still new, it would be really hard for us to pay off the amortization. It is really important to be able to adjust the kind of loan that you have to better fit your ability to pay. Otherwise the interest rate and package have the potential to bury you in deep debt. Incidentally, you can check out Arizona Loan Modification to have your existing loans checked. Sometimes the easiest way to manage your finances is start with paying off your debts and if at all needed, get a loan modification.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Finally Kicking Out Smartbro Off Our House!

I cannot be happier! For almost two years I have put up with SmartBro's disservice. The DSL setup guy finally came today and got my DSL connection installed. I am currently immersing myself to a whooping 1.7mbps connection speed. But it won't be long until it stabilizes to the speed that I subscribed to, which is 512kbps. Which is not bad considering I have been putting up with smartbro's average of 100kbps in my normal days.
As if SmartBro knows I'm kicking them out very soon, these past days I have been experiencing a speed connection as low as 50kbps! Yes, that 's worse than having a dial up for an internet connection. I wonder why SmartBro every called themselves broadband connection. I have gotten tired to calling them with their agents sounding like automoted robots. They say the same things but never getting to a resolve to my main problem which is my turtle speed connection.