Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood Burning Stove is Eco-Friendly

As someone who prides herself to doing her share for an environment, I am more than glad to invalidate the misconception that a wood burning stove is not environment friendly. It is in fact, eco-friendly. Wood burning is environment friendly, basically because wood in itself is a carbon neutral fuel. It means that whatever carbon it releases as it is burnt, it also absorbs.  

This is one very important aspect of wood burning to me, being an advocate of environmental preservation. I have practiced it from the time my son was newborn, by using leakproof cloth diapers instead of disposables and making my own wipes too, among other different things. It is just best to be able to give back to the environment what we could do from our end. Getting ourselves a wood burning stove is one of them. Written in association with Wood stove suppliers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thinking of a name for my next domain

We really appreciate our friend Neil of of all the help he has given us right from the time I first claimed my very first domain,  He has patiently led us through the ins and outs of being webmasters and as of late, with the domain disaster the former owner of has done to its clients, he was still there to lend a helping hand. 

As we move towards our two years in the blogosphere (business wise), I am now thinking of another name for a domain.  Most of my sites are niched ones, which I am thankful for.  This way, I could categorize each subject and for each post I could zero in on what is within its niche.  

Now that we are seriously into homeschooling, I am hoping to claim a domain that is niched around homeschooling.  Although I could easily have the subject squeezed in my primary site,, I wouldn't want to bombard it with everything about homeschooling.  Now I need to think of that good domain name for a homeschooling site... 

Monday, July 20, 2009

What to look for in a woodburning stove

As my family and I are looking into getting ourselves a wood burning stove, I have been investigating on how to wisely choose such kind of stove. A serious wood burning stove buyer should choose one that is made of cast iron or steel. This is the most tolerant of extreme heat that almost always equals to durability.  

While we are aware that wood burning stoves do not come cheap, especially the good quality ones, it will actually prove to be cheaper for us in the long run. Plus the fact that this site will even save me 50% off from the regular price. Written in association with Woodburning stove suppliers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My son aced his first unit test

After a month of officially homeschooling our son, I am glad to report to you that he has aced his first unit test. While it is true that most of the lessons we have been going through are more of reviews of previous things I have taught him right from when he was still very young, it is still such a joy to watch him progress before my very eyes.  Especially when it comes to the things that he is still not very good at, like his fine motor skills and paying attention.

The curriculum that School of Tomorrow provides us homeschoolers are just so neat that it makes it so easy for teachers to homeschool our children with the best quality of education a parent could give their child.  I will always be grateful for the privilege of being able to homeschool our son. 

Switching to Wood Burning Stove

It was a couple of years ago when I first thought of getting our family a wood burning stove. During that time, cooking gas has hiked up and doubled its cost from the regular amount. It was a great deal back then because I was not yet into freelancing and our budget then is really hurt by the prices of practically all consumables of which prices hike up by the day. I did not find a good brand of such kind of stove then. 

It was just timely that I saw this site selling just the very thing that I needed, now that the price of cooking gas is once again going up. It is just the most practical way to go, especially now that we are paying for our son’s preschool education. Written in association with wood burning stove suppliers.