Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Boo-boo and A Baked Chicken


I got so clumsy last night as I rummaged through our file cabinet for something and I got so impatient that I couldn't care less what I was digging through. I scraped the side of my pinky finger and it bled non-stop. One thing for sure, that file cabinet needs to get sorted. The scrape was so bad I have wet a whole lot of tissue, plus the blood trace on the floor and the wall (I had to turn on the light). I was shocked that my hand was already bleeding. Don't worry I will get to the baked chicken part, promise. The skin on the side of my left pinky is now in its crooked state. I'm changing the dressing in a while. The hubby and I dressed it and and have it soak around propolis ointment from Ilogmaria last night. It works wonders for wounds.

Anyway, that just about gave me the reason to bake these pieces of chicken. Baked chicken requires a lot less time and effort. Just throw in all the ingredients and Voila! All in its succulent, yummy glory! It was yummy. I haven't done baked chicken in a while. It's just sad that it had to take my pinky finger to get badly bruised for me to get back to baking chicken.