Friday, June 13, 2008

Really Inconsiderate

Remember this post? As I cannot think of a better title for this entry, I will just have it sound as a reinforcing post to the above link.

The hubby and one of the mothers around the block went to talk to the person who was doing the painting of the car, he promised to finish by that weekend. Which was not good enough to start with and I believe was a total insult when he handed the hubby and our neighbor one of those cheap gas masks. As if there was anything that a gas mask can do. A week after, he was still at it and we figured this shouldn't be tolerated anymore at all. First, it was a violation of the clean and green act of the city. Second, it is just not human for this Concepcion household. Yes I have got no fear in naming them. They are one bunch of idiots, if you ask me. Whoever in their right mind would do such a thing. Selfishly doing their own thing, despite the fact that some of their neighbors have practically begged them to put a stop to it.

Inconsiderate monsters! Yes that's what they are. And three weeks after the day that their neighbors pleaded with them to stop spray painting their car, they are at it again! Tuesday this week, I felt my chest tighten from the ever familiar smell of the pain fumes. And this time around it was a different car that he was painting. It goes without saying that they are doing this deliberately and selfishly and he never meant a thing he said about not doing it again after two Saturdays ago. We have emphasized already that three of the neighbor's kids have asthma and have been having a hard time breathing because of what they are doing.

The president of our village's association said that this brood of irresponsible neighbors that we have are notorious for their attitude problems. I can only wonder from what planet they are from and if they ever practically applied what they learned from school, at all. The clean and green team came by and warned the bastards. And the staff of the city office gave us their contact numbers just in case they are at it again.

I just cannot fathom how people like these can live with themselves!