Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beating Deadlines

These last couple of weeks have been really tiring and hectic for me. I find myself cramming to beat deadlines. This is something new for me. If the hubby rises when in pressure, my tendency is to get rattled but still focused. Because so far, I have just a two more assignments left to do. With the load that I currently have, I sometimes feel that I’m working on a Doctoral thesis of some sort. Two days ago, I had eleven. Can you imagine! I really felt everything piling up on me by the day. At one point, I had to ask the hubby help in writing an essay. But he then declined and I understand because there are things he is occupied with.

Aside from my assignments, I also have been really busy turning the house around. Sorting closets full of clothes, which I honestly believe I have to give out half of it. Most of them I have not used in so long a time. It can be hard though. Because I don’t really go shopping for clothes and my weight seriously jumps from 95lbs to 105lbs in a snap of a finger. That’s normal for me. It has always been that way. So my point is, my stock of clothes are for the thin me and the heavier me. Like last Sunday for instance, I had to change four times, because I end up looking like a sausage with my ultra fit clothes. Because I gave away most of my bigger clothes, I am now having a hard time getting the right clothes for my current size.

Oh well, I will have to figure something out soon. For now excuse me as I go back to doing some coursework essay that is soon due.