Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preppin' Up for the Holidays

Christmas in October? Why not.  That will have to apply for our household, carry it on to November until early January.  Talk about maximizing the holiday season.  I posted an entry on how our family decorated our home for Christmas last night.  And as bare as this tree still is, it sure have jump started the holiday air in our home.  

I also made my very own potpourri jar that is just right for the season - Cinnamon Holiday scent.  Love it, especially the scent it covers our home.   


Anonymous said...


Why do people insist on celebrating Christmas 2 months early, and 1 month after?

Those of the Jewish faith do not celebrate Hanukkah for 3 months.

If I wanted to start celebrating my birthday 2 months early, people would think it was ridiculous.

Cause it is.

Jen said...

So much hate! You can't even bring to identify yourself, huh! Anyway, I have this entry for people just like you

I repeat, it is the prerogative of every household what they want to do, so bugger off.