Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Finally Kicking Out Smartbro Off Our House!

I cannot be happier! For almost two years I have put up with SmartBro's disservice. The DSL setup guy finally came today and got my DSL connection installed. I am currently immersing myself to a whooping 1.7mbps connection speed. But it won't be long until it stabilizes to the speed that I subscribed to, which is 512kbps. Which is not bad considering I have been putting up with smartbro's average of 100kbps in my normal days.
As if SmartBro knows I'm kicking them out very soon, these past days I have been experiencing a speed connection as low as 50kbps! Yes, that 's worse than having a dial up for an internet connection. I wonder why SmartBro every called themselves broadband connection. I have gotten tired to calling them with their agents sounding like automoted robots. They say the same things but never getting to a resolve to my main problem which is my turtle speed connection.


Anonymous said...

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