Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No V Date Yet and Some Events Coming

The month is almost over and the hubby and I haven't had a decent V date yet! We are both hoping that this coming weekend will be "it" day for us. I have already talked to my folks to take over taking care of my son for half of the day this coming Saturday as the hubby and I will attend a couple events.

We are excited to be meeting 198 other bloggers this coming Saturday in SM Marikina for the WiFi testing. My friend Mhel will be coming over with Rizza and I am hoping to be able to meet other bloggers as well. The hubby and I have met a handful of new online buddies via Plurk. Thanks to Earth of Earlingorgeous. I have created a Plurk account middle of last year but never got the hang of using it! Earth was the one who encouraged me to get active once again. I then deleted my old account and created a new one. :D And now I cannot stop plurking.

You can add me up plurk.com/Jennie_A/invite if you have a plurk account. :D