Monday, March 3, 2008

Fashion Talk

During the few times that I have watched fashion reality televisions shows, I cannot help but realize the disciplines and hardships the models have to go through. One thing for sure, those who top each season would come from one of New York Fashion Schools. This does not come as a surprise anymore, even as it is a given fact that it is one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The lives of those who would want to be top models and the grueling details they have to go through can really be maddening. This is why going to no less than a top notch fashion school in New York should be a priority. I have heard about Katharine Gibbs School and its reputation of producing excellent fashion merchandisers and models in the fashion world. Other fashion schools in New York that have the same great quality of education are: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Walden University.

The fashion industry can be a real interesting career to pursue. But it does take more than just what one wants in her heart to truly reach the top. Going to the best schools will give you an edge over the others.


Kidazy said...

I couldn't begin to imagine going through what those people go through! I was definitely not cut out to be a fashion diva!