Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Family Vacation Plan

On August 2005, hubby and I went out of town, to the province of Cebu. It was a planned vacation. But during that time we opted to leave our three month old son with my folks so that we can recharge and get the much needed break after all we knew we deserved it.

I would say that even as we really missed our son, for it was the first time we ever left him that long. We were away for three days. We knew these are just one of the things a couple needs to do once in a while. Sometimes the overwhelming tasks of keeping house and taking care of your little one and even for the man to provide everything can eat up the parents. Moments like these are even encouraged from time to time to be able to recharge and have a getaway, making way for a marital bonding that will be foundational for a healthy family.

Right now, the feasibility of having the same getaway vacation is not possible in any near future. But even that is true, we are hopeful to be able to go some place, this time we will sure tag our son along. He is now capable of appreciating things around him and he is even extra articulate on how he describes things. We hope to do this before he starts schooling next year.

We are now looking into choices of Hotel Reservations. Just as the last time we booked for that vacation we had in 2005, we hope to get a good hotel accommodation, with a kitchenette facility. That would be the ideal even with a toddler around. We are also considering a resort.

Browsing through the online site of Hotel Reservations, it was just great to learn about their rebate promotion. They have such unbelievable competitive rates. Check this out: Get $20 with a 3 Night Booking, Get $30 with a 5 Night Booking, Get $50 with an 8 Night Booking, Get $75 with a 10 Night Booking, Get $100 with a 12 Night Booking. Those are for the $100 rebate coupon. Such a steal.

Although we are not certain yet, but definitely this will all be properly planned out after all the major events hubby has got to accomplish in the ministry. There is still the summer youth camp he is directing and the church location moving that we need to do. Both of which are scheduled on April. He is really very busy now, but he said he is looking forward to this much deserved vacation for our family. It will also be a perfect time for me to unwind after I take the board on April too, regardless of the board exam’s result.