Thursday, August 7, 2008

He is Able

If there is anything that can be pretty obvious in family to create chaos and conflict it is this – financial matters. It is one of the major reasons why most families are double income. Meaning both the husband and the wife are working, leaving the children in the care of their grandparents or even nannies. Although this is not the ideal set up, for so many decades after the baby boomers era, this has practically been the norm.

It is not easy to go against the flow. This is what I did when I left the corporate world some six years ago to be a full time help meet to my husband who is a pastor. You will be surprised how different local pastors are compensated compared to those from different regions. It is understandable. We live in a very poor country. So despite the intelligence and abilities my husband has, he has put in his heart to do what God has called Him to do – against all odds and for me to embrace this reality and struggle with him in the ministry and otherwise.

It goes without saying that the majority of our struggle was that of the finances especially when our little guy arrived. But the Lord has been truly great to have allowed me to use my gifts in coordinating weddings and even the little that I know of writing to help in the family income. As much as availing of a cash advance payday loan gets into our mind sometimes, we go back to the things that the Lord has shown us in the past and see that He will be faithful in the concerns we go through everyday.