Friday, August 8, 2008

Major Car Repair

The car was finally taken by the hubby’s uncle early this morning. It is a blessing that things got delayed or else we could have settled for someone who will not do a good job in fixing the old car. It probably rained the whole month of July and if you are from the same part of the planet that we are you would know how bad the rains were. It was a pity to have the hubby’s beach towel get soaked inside the car every time it rained. We prayed about having this car fixed and later have its car insurance cover. We had no choice. If only the Lord will provide a down payment for a brand new one then that will be sweet, but for now, we have a great deal in having the car fixed.

You would not believe all those rust eating up the car. The engine is good all right, but of course we could help feeling pity over the car. We always have to take care not to get nicked and bruised by those wayward rusty steels all over. Yes, we are more than thankful that we can finally get the car fixed. But more than a luxury, it has become more of a necessity to get it fixed because it is almost raining as hard inside as it is in the outside when it does. We are all thrilled how the new face lifted car will look after a month and a half. Yes, that’s how much work it needs! You could just imagine!