Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thinking of a name for my next domain

We really appreciate our friend Neil of NeilMaranan.com of all the help he has given us right from the time I first claimed my very first domain, MarriageandBeyond.com.  He has patiently led us through the ins and outs of being webmasters and as of late, with the domain disaster the former owner of eznet-hosting.com has done to its clients, he was still there to lend a helping hand. 

As we move towards our two years in the blogosphere (business wise), I am now thinking of another name for a domain.  Most of my sites are niched ones, which I am thankful for.  This way, I could categorize each subject and for each post I could zero in on what is within its niche.  

Now that we are seriously into homeschooling, I am hoping to claim a domain that is niched around homeschooling.  Although I could easily have the subject squeezed in my primary site, MarriageandBeyond.com, I wouldn't want to bombard it with everything about homeschooling.  Now I need to think of that good domain name for a homeschooling site...