Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Driving One

One of the things I love is speed up on the highway like a race car driver. In a crowded city like where we live in, I could possibly do that an hour before dawn. I don’t race cars, but I dream of doing that. My husband drives like a mad man and always looks like he is on a race track. I guess that makes two of us. And you shouldn’t be the least surprised to learn that our little guy is mad about cars too. He has the thrill of his life when the hubs would fly through all those other newer model cars on the road. We will just be surprised as the little guy says bye-bye to the rest of the other cars we practically have flown by. When the hubby stops on an intersection to get ready, the little guy would cheer his papa on with, “You can do it, pops!”

For all those race car fanatics, you only have one week remaining to visit and sign up for the “I’m Driving One” campaign sweepstakes. The seven week campaign culminates very soon with three grand prize winners. The winnings at stake? An all expense paid trip to Ford Championship Weekend in Homestead, Fla. For the NASCAR season finale. All expense paid trip to the NHRA drag racing finale in Pomona, Calif or a Full day Mustang driving school at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.

All you have to do is complete the refer a friend section to enter for a chance to win. Here’s more, for every week, a person gets to win a personalized autographed helmet from a Ford Racing driver. There are two more helmets to be given away to date. You get that chance to win that as well. This are all brought to you by innovative digital marketing.

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