Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Sweet Sister

As expected, I had to pre arrange some baby sitting task to someone for the hubby and I to have been able to attend the 2nd Homeschool Conference yesterday at CCF. My dear sister was the default, as usual. Having no nanny, it is not really easy for us to just leave our son to a stranger. It has to be someone who loves him. That is undoubtedly my one and only sister, Rose.

We left the house at past seven in the morning! I swore we were going to be so late! The convention was at eight. I just had to check everything around the house. Making sure the cooking gas is turned off, among other things. We have been seeing a whole lot of gas fires and electric fires in the news lately and we should really be cautious. It is good that in this tropical country we don’t need any of those hole in the wall fires, although it should be a great aesthetics in the home.

I really appreciate my sis. She had to sacrifice yesterday her visit to the gym just to care for my little one. She would diligently SMS me how my son is doing and thank God he did not get any fever the whole day yesterday.