Monday, November 24, 2008

Whatever Happened to Our "Monday Detox Day"?

It was two weeks ago when the hubby announced that Mondays are going to be our detox day. Only veggies and fruits for us throughout the day. For some reason, because of our little guy and me getting sick, there was really no way I could go pick out veggies and fruits for us to consume for the day.
It would have been a great plan, except that we only did it only a single Monday. That was a couple of weeks back. I really would like for that to resume. If it can't be Monday, then we have to offset one day from the week.


Kerslyn said...

hi Jen! I was planning for that too. may nabasa nga ako before na dapat 3 consecutive days daw dapat mag-fruit diet para ma-cleanse talaga. hay, maka-survive kaya ako nun? now u gave me an idea. will do it one day muna. baka kayanin ko.