Friday, November 21, 2008

Writing, Chicago-Style Course

I am so thrilled! I just got this free online course from Brightstorm and the title of the course is Writing Chicago Style. It is a great online education site that is basically designed for high schoolers. Being a licensed professional teacher, I am so inclined to looking into these kinds of teaching modules and online courses basically because I am concerned about the quality of education students get from their regular school.

Going back to the course that I just availed of, I vouch for it as very effective and its value for money is outstanding. What could be more fun that learning like this. If more courses are given like this then I will not be the least surprised if we get outstanding students in no time. The content is no question very professional.

I love how Katie Aquino was able to get her message across and told her listeners why being able to communicate effectively in life is very important. It is just like getting inside a classroom and really learning not just the basics but advance stuff in the most interesting and fun way there is! I love how she classified the kinds of essay and its essential components. How many years have students are expected to write essays without having been told first about these basics, the foundation! I am so sure you are going to love Brightstorm like I do. Head out to the site and Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt!