Thursday, November 20, 2008

Operation Mojo

Who has not heard about Nat and Alex! Do you know that this coming Saturday, that is November 22 you can tune in to do a live chat with Nat and Alex Wolff themselves. Yes the same cutie pies from The Naked Brother Band. This will be done as a apart of their new premiere, “Operation Mojo.” The thing is Nat has lost his Mojo and the Band going into doing some Dudification of sorts.

Having said this, do you know that there are three ways that you can help Nat get his mojo back? The first one is you can watch and share Nat’s YouTube videos to at least five friends. Second, is subscribe to their YouTube channel and lastly is make it your homepage? Pretty easy, right?
Nat and Alex Wolff’s website is where children get to have clean fun and get to enjoy video and audio entertainment, interactive games and activities and even chatting sessions with other kids. For a parent like myself, it is a great relief to know that all of these are done within a safe and closely monitored by adults. One thing for sure, this site does not just put a smile of the kids’ faces but to their respective parents as well.