Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Boy's First X-ray

It was our son's first time to have a chest x-ray. The x-ray technician sure was apprehensive about me being alone with him. She said a two year old almost always fusses and throw tantrums when subjected to stand still to have that shot. It usually takes at least two companions to get a good x-ray shot. This photo which was taken from my cam phone (which explains the haziness), is the proof that he was the easiest boy ever.

I have myself encountered atleast two x-ray technicians this last two months, the lastest was when I was confined. All the x-ray technicians I have come across with are all nice people unlike the nurses who assisted me when I recently got confined. The hubby also got his last x-ray done last week and was cleared of any disease. For which we are thankful for.

The x-ray result of the son was that he had bilateral PPTB (a.k.a. Primary Complex). He is now almost done with his first month of medication. Five months to go and we will be done. Even with taking his medications, we never had a hard time with. He even calls all three of his medicines names according to flavor. Catsup medicine for that thick bloody red one, the other one he calls banana medicine because of its flavor and the last one he calls orange medicine for its color. It's flavor is actually peach. Boy are we blessed to have such an easy child. Our prayer is that he stays healthy and strong, inside out. :-)