Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Shopping

One of the things I enjoy doing in the internet aside from blogging is online shopping. There were the handful of times I window shopped through all those neat things available in the online shops that I frequent.

If there were a few times I would have to purchase these are for those necessary items and which I could buy on bargain as opposed to buying it from another merchant whether online or otherwise.

One of the things that stand out from those sites is the kind of shopping cart that they use. One of the better ones are that of Ashop. There were times I would have to sign out without doing the purchase because their carts are so not user friendly. If a merchant does not care enough to provide a better cart, then it’s not me to persist and figure their cart out, I’m sure I will find another merchant carrying that item that I need.


Mei Ad Store said...

Online shopping gives such convenience and freedom to picky consumer like me