Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sluggish and Out

I have been extra sluggish these past few days. I have been sick pretty long already that it's practically draining me inside out. Okay, I said this isn't gonna be an all too negative post. It has been months and I pray that I will be over this health issue of mine. It feels bad when there are things that I need to do but I just cannot get my whole being to do it. I am defeated by the sluggish effect my medications have on me.

We will be leaving in a while and will be back late next week. We're off to Baguio and I pray this will do me good. It will be a welcome break from the heatwave that would chronically heat the city. It's really bad because people are actually getting sick because of this. I just read from the news today that a four year old boy just died of the dreadful Meninggococcemia. And the bad news is, the barangay where he lives is just a few kilometers from where we live.

May the Lord's hand be upon our city and our family and protect us from these diseases. My being sick lately has allowed me to see the things that really matter. And even as I titled this post with a rather lowly one, I am not stopping at being sluggish -- I will keep on and strive towards health again. :-)