Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On Paid Blogging and Its Perks

I have a host of other sites, five others to be exact and a total of five out of the six that I maintain, I am able to get paid to blog from. Is it not the neatest? I continue to reign queen as the domestic goddess that I am while at the same time helping the hubby rake in the income this household needs. We really could use this extra income even as our family is in health crisis plus the nationwide hike of basic commodities, especially of our staple, rice, which is becoming scarce and scarce by the day.

We were able to settle the full amount of our credit card that we used to buy our laptop from the proceeds of paid blogging. I remember for the longest time having to put up with a bad running Pentium 3 that shuts down on me every time. It was frustrating. Now I am working with this full powered Core Duo lappy and I am getting really efficient in doing my online tasks.

Smorty connects bloggers like me with advertisers to write opinion posts. What I love most about this team is they do not require bloggers to do a full review of the products and services, rather, we can freely write our opinion on them. Because of services like this, I am able to do what I love doing and get paid for it. Can anything be neater? I honestly consider this as a blessing to me and my family.