Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shopping Cart Software

As I earlier mentioned about Ashop being the better choice for online merchants’ shopping cart software, I found it necessary to emphasize this even as an online consumer. I recently had a not so good experience with an online shopping site using another software. It turned out that it was one of those free carts that are offered. I had to google it and see for myself. It was such a headache! Anyway, that company just lost one patron of their site. I just find it such a sacrifice when the ideal is to get shoppers double if not triple by the day.

Ashop is just about the most user friendly shopping cart I have ever come across. It is an all in deal if online merchants would just think about it. No wonder it Ashop is the leader in shopping cart software all across the US. The ease of use, no installation required unlike other softwares and definitely very affordable.


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