Friday, February 8, 2008

Back to Reality

Tonight I would have to go back to the reality that tomorrow I need to drag myself to school for my review classes. I just pray though that the school will make sure now that it will be worth my while. Four thousand five hundred pesos is not a small amount to pay for a review class that I have seen from the first two days I attended their program. That is more than a hundred bucks for ten meetings. In a first world country, that amount may be fair, but you would understand how much that is if you live in a third world like ours.

It's really not much about the money. My disappointment in the school is again surfacing. I have to sit back and allow them to redeem themselves. The second day of my review when we were left for more than an hour to wait for the supposed next lecturer for nothing, was a weekend, a Sunday at that. So probably, just probably, there was really no one to tell the reviewers in the auditorium that no bloody lecturer was coming. But then again, how irresponsible is that! Second, imagine my disgust when I saw the guy who usually stands at the reception area of the auditorium happily eating his lunch and he was just about the only person who we were looking for to tell us whatever happened to the lecturer (when the group of almost three hundred just decided in frustration, that we just go and leave the auditorium- most of us headed for the cafeteria). The bottom line is this, the whole ugliness of what happened points right back to the school.

It will be my first time tomorrow to take the lrt train ride to Legarda on a Saturday. My first was last Sunday, which was a breeze, because there were few passengers. I have to brace myself for tomorrow.

I think I have everything set and I can manage to leave the house. I have already arranged a helper who can do the cleaning for me. Yay! Am I so glad! These last few days were an impossibility, no matter how much I hope to clean up and do all the magic wonders my domestic prowess can do - having an on and off fever for six days straight drains all there was in me. My lips are cracked, my head feels real dead heavy. But I am so glad to be doing better now! It is my first day today without fever!!!! Woohoo! Finally, the Amoxicillin is doing it wonders. But my throat still feels bad. I still can't swallow perfectly. Slowly but surely. At least, now the timing is just perfect. I would not have to miss my classes tomorrow.

I am really praying that the lecturers will be worth our while. Praying, praying, praying. The first two days of my review classes with them just labeled the school in general. Those two bad days really gave the PNU a bad name. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. I hope, and I can actually smile in anticipation. Allow me to sign off now and prepare my stuff. :-)