Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Son

Any mother would understand how it feels when your ever so active toddler goes silent all too suddenly. This was the what happened yesterday morning when my ever jumpy toddler who is usually all over the place went silent. Dear husband and I got concerned. I was too sure that he was in some kind of trouble or going over things he is not supposed to play with. We then went to check what he was up to. This is what we saw. He was too preoccupied with his books and he was reading seriously. He did not even notice the fun his father and I were having just watching him like that.


texas_sweetie said...

wow this is a pretty picture of him reading...thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

Hi sis! Thanks for the visit. It's just really fun being able to capture little things like these.

Take care sis! :-)

reggysy said...

Wow! That's really something special isn't it? You two must've been so proud!

Thanks for letting me advertise on your blog!

Jen said...

Hi Reggysy! Thanks for stopping by! You're right, this little guy is such a blessing.

No problem. Adverts are welcome here.:-)