Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mobile Blogging!

I so love Blogger! This is my first entry via mobile and I'm giddy as a little girl who had just been given the prettiest porcelain doll! I am actually posting away via mobile now. How techie can the world get?

Of course the downside here is I don't get to set my post's alignment and no picture attachments. But I figured I could easily do the editing later. It is just interesting how careful I am now not to shortcut spell my words as I usually would when I do text messaging. This is yet the coolest thing in blogging. I so love Blogger!


Lerlyn said...

hi jen!nako interested talaga ako dito sa balita mo, how it works ba?i tried to open my blog via my cp but its so mahal, for just 1 minute browsing it cost 20 pesos!paano maging free?maybe u have a wireless CP like N95?hhhmmm SE K10i lang tong gamit ko..and im using globe too..tell me more!thank u sistah