Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Dilemma

I am a wreck. I do not know how to get about to sitting down and finally going over my reviewers even for half an hour. The many hours spent sitting down during my review class doodling over hundreds of stuff. I almost feel that the lecturers were literally pumping information up inside my head and I am unconsciously refusing to budge.

We were told that we have to at least sit down and review an hour a day to to be able to make it. And I am now here not finding enough strength to get any of the loose leaves of my five pound reviewer stacked together.

Here is the picture. I am sitting inside that auditorium and all I have in mind is what to blog about and the many things that I have got in mind that I need to do. I would even get my mobile to check my mail at least every five minutes. I am definitely one distracted girl. Being the passionate person that I am, my tendency really is to focus on the object of my passion and pursue it. I can easily do multi-tasking but my concentration and all of my being is set on my passion.

Even as I share these things to my husband, I know I am in a real risk of flunking the board and that would be such a shame. But should it be that I would have that thought to motivate me to get my mind and heart on detour? I am determined to go on with the review and the exam. I will do what I can, but I just will not push myself to get serious and hit myself on the head while so doing. If ever I flunk, at least I made sure I had the people around me warned. The exam being barely two months away, I must really be in big trouble.

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Lerlyn said...

hi Jen! Goodluck sa exam mo!or I should say God Bless.. Review hard and c Lord na bahala sayo at that time! Just believe in yourself and to God without doubt! Congrats in advance! Be praying for you always!

Jen said...

Wow Lerlyn sis, that is sweet of you to say. I am really so anxious about taking the board, but your encouragement means so much. Know that I appreciate you. God bless you! :-)