Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Glimpse of My Review Class

I just hope to show you a glimpse of how my review class went today. I am blessed to have met this first lecturer we had. His name is Rene C. Romero and he is the man! He is one learned and excellent professor. He taught with unbelievable energy despite his age. He is a well traveled teacher and a very hilarious lecturer! He sure has redeemed the name of the school he is representing. I must say though, aside from the entertainment, I cannot really say that he has imparted a great deal of information because he said it right, it is impossible to impart everything in a 54 hour curriculum in four hours time. But he has said enough pointers for us to anticipate what lies ahead for us especially in the lecture he gave on the Sociological-Anthropological Foundations of Education.

The second lecturer was a board top notcher from a decade ago. She talked on the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education. She was good all right. It was obvious that she was well versed with her subject matter. But the thing is she just practically read to us our hand-outs. That's it. I have noticed that handling a crowd of probably over three hundred could really be a challenge. But I believe like the first lecturer, it is a skill one can learn to be great at. I say this even as I see him ease through the subject matter to a full four hour marathon without losing any of the students. I must really give it to the man. He's one of those who's been there and is just enjoying the breeze effortlessly. While the lady is that of the younger brood who is still on her way there.

There you have it. Nice view eh. I am sitting on the second row of a possible fifty row seat auditorium. This photo is a bit fuzzy. I only brought with me my low end phone. Remember, I'm commuting. You can never be too sure. These are the things I make sure I do. I don't even dare wear my engagement and wedding rings. The Quiapo area is just too dangerous.

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