Monday, February 11, 2008

A Long Day

Nice and easy. There was no crowd yesterday morning. This was taken discreetly at around seven thirty in the morning. Sweet hubby dropped me off the station. We knew in our hearts that the day will have to be spent away from each other. Yesterday was our eleventh year anniversary. Eleventh year from the time we became a couple in February 10, 1997.
The first lecturer again lulled me to sleep. The doctor/professor literally just read to us our hand outs and nothing else. But the second lecturer who took the floor after lunch gave us the time of our lives. Prof. Aurelia T. Estrada was just awesome! She did not just make sure she does not put us to sleep but really rocked her way to sharing with us all the the things she knew that would benefit us when we take the exams. She is just about the most animated lady I have met and she is turning 65 at that! She said that she is off to retiring December of this year. She knew all of her teachings by heart and is someone who refuses to teach with mediocrity. I love her humor and the authority she exhibited. She is one proof that those two can go together. What a lady!
I have to say though that sitting down for lectures like these can really be crazy. Imagine, four hours straight in the morning, then another four hours after lunch can really drive anyone nuts. It's draining and despite doing nothing, it is so tiring. It is hard to concentrate on everything you are being fed with. It's funny how I feel like a zombie every after my review classes.

My day beautifully came to a close when one of the girls that I have been counseling and I love dearly texted me and told me that she will come by the school and her dorm is just close by. I have not seen her for over a year now and have been wondering how she was. She treated me for dinner and had quite a talk. I am just blessed that the Lord has allowed for me to meet her again and things are becoming hopeful now despite some complications. She sweetly dropped me off to the Legarda station for my train ride. I swear I would not know how to get there by myself. It was a better route than having to take the Quiapo station.

I later got home thrilled to embrace my cutie pie son. I cannot begin to tell you how much my heart longs for him every time we are apart. We were just be apart yesterday for approximately nine hours but I always miss him so much every time.

My husband and I were together last night at the exact time our relationship turned eleven. It was ten in the evening in 1997 when we were officially together. He came home from church before nine last night. Our days were both tiring but we both agreed coming home to our house is just God's sweet grace.

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reggysy said...

Sounds like your day ended very well though. Thanks so much for letting me advertise on your blog!

Jen said...

Hi Reggysy! You're most welcome! Adverts are welcome here. :-)