Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The sweet thing about being sick is you see people around you manifest their care and concern with the things they do.

I have been running with 38 to 40 degree Celsius temperature since Saturday night. I have found out from my visit to the doctor last Monday that I have tonsillitis and it does not look very pretty. I was given Amoxicillin and was told to gargle on Bactidol five times a day.

So there, whenever my temperature is up, hubby would give me a sponge bath. He would just insist, to my dismay sometimes. Yesterday, when I was rolled up in bed, on the verge of chilling. (Seriously!) My son helped himself from the roll of toilet paper and went to the faucet to get it moist. I was wondering what he was to do, then he patted my forehead and my face and kissed my arm. Can anything be sweeter! I so love my boy. :-)


melai said...

well at least nandya si hubby mo to take care of you..pagaling ka sis ako man feeling ko me namamaga din tonsil ko e :(lamig kasi dito.

Jen said...

Hi sis! hay correct! hirap sobrang sakit. now nga lang ako walang lagnat eh. as in! pero hrap parin ako lumunok, kmusta naman. dito pa pbago bago, init-lamig. Ubot sipon tlaga mga tao. Sana di ka naman matuluyang mgkasakit.