Thursday, February 7, 2008

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I have once kidded dear hubby last week, "A blogging wife makes a sloppy housewife." We both looked around and we just smiled. It's true. But of course, I have been sick lately so that should also count.

But there is just this thing that I should really focus on. Seriously. Reviewing for the board. How now, can someone tell me, how can I possibly do everything!?! From taking care of my toddler, to keeping house, to doing my online job (which have doubled more than I have imagined), and now the review! Yes the review! I have officially started reviewing last Saturday. Read this for more on my disappointment in that school where I enrolled to review. I was telling myself, even if I pass the board and in the process torture myself reviewing, I will not earn half of what I am earning now as I do my online business even if I call myself a duly licensed, full fledged teacher. Of course this applies if I only teach locally.

I have got to get my mind focused. I have been talking to dear hubby about this lately and I told him, I could easily re-take the board in September, if ever. I will just take things easily for now. Why should I be hard on myself? Application for board costs less than a thousand. At least I could take it with the rest of my dear batchmates in September. ;-) Of course, I am still hoping I could make it effortlessly, but that's hoping against what? I know where I stand. If it will be God's will for me to pass, I will be oh-so-thankful! But if the Lord sees that I still do not have what it takes to be a teacher, then He will probably not give this to me. Which I would understand.

My priority is my family and I am just being practical. But I also so want to get over this board issue so I will still pray that I make it. :-)