Friday, February 22, 2008

Mobile Blogging Again

Dear son and I tagged along as hubby did his ministry rounds in Makati. I know what you might be thinking...Not on a Friday. Traffic is at its worse during this time of the week.

As usual, hubby is racing his way through traffic leaving all the slow poke drivers behind. If there is anything, he can drive like a mad man. A strong contrast to the mild mannered man that he is. My adorable son is sitting up front with his father, while I am sitting pretty in the backseat typing away from my mobile phone. We did not bring our laptop, that is why I am settling do blogging this way, which is cool, except for the fact that I cannot use punctuation marks. For some reason, this feature that transfers from mobile to my blogger account does not recognize punctuation marks. The last time I used them, the words went garbled.

Dear hubby went to one of the schools he has been working out for the youth camp he is organizing and directing. Afterwhich we proceeded to visit a family who attends our local church who happens to live a couple of blocks away from the school. The mother in that family just had a cataract operation last month and only had great testimonies to share how the Lord has blessed and healed her. They served us yummy Halo-Halo, they really insisted despite our telling them not to bother. Our son played with the kids around their house. From there we went to Glorietta and had our dinner at CUCINA located in G4. Watch out for another Resto Review that I will soon be doing in my page.

We are now about ten kilometers towards home. We have just passed by Eastwood. This really is such a fine way to kill the unproductive time driving home brings, that is if you are not the one driving. This gives me the distraction that I need. I can get really stressed the way hubby drives. I swear I am not exaggerating! One proof to tell you how fast he drives, our son just said a couple of minutes ago, Excuse me cars, just when his father raced through.